The Moreau Lab explores how microorganisms impact our environment at the nexus of the geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Our research addresses questions involving microbial evolution and ecology, biogeochemical cycling of major and trace elements, microbe-metal interactions, biomineralisation, and other related topics. We work to address global research challenges of mitigating climate change, remediating environmental pollution, harnessing microbial activity for societal benefits, and understanding the links across microbiomes, ecosystems and human health.

We are always interested in hearing from highly-motivated prospective postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Current PhD projects available:

Geomicrobiology of mercury cycling microorganisms

Microbial production of climate cooling trace gases in wetlands

Sulphur Landscapes: Isotopes and the Mining Environment (SLIME)